Thought leadership

Thought leadership, Market Science ConsultingMarketing analytics is a constantly evolving academic and commercial discipline, with roots firmly grounded in microeconomic theories of consumer behaviour and econometrics.    

The Marketscience Consulting strategic leadership team comprises industry professionals with extensive academic backgrounds. As such, the latest best-practice research lies at the heart of all our model solutions.

We provide a powerful blend of academic, commercially relevant analytics and strategic advice across a range of industry verticals.

Publications and white papers

Many of our model solutions are based on research conducted by the strategic leadership team. The evolutionary baseline approach to the marketing mix model is based on published work by Peter Cain and represents a coherent framework for accurate quantification of short and long-term marketing effects. This approach has been applied across products, brands and categories for a wide range of clients to evaluate ROI and aid optimal allocation of marketing resources. 

We work closely with our strategic partners, to provide a range of household and customer-level analytics. These are based on classical and Bayesian discrete choice models of demand. For a selection of our publications and white papers, please click on the links provided.

Conference presentations

The strategic leadership team have spent many years in the marketing research industry and presented at a variety of conferences covering topics such as dynamic econometric modelling in marketing, brand choice behaviour and customer lifetime value. For a selection of conference topics, please click on the links provided. 

Training courses

Working closely with leading econometric software company Timberlake Consultants, we deliver rigorous training courses in marketing analytics with particular focus on dynamic marketing mix modelling. This module focuses on a modern treatment of the practice, ranging from economic foundations, advanced time series estimation techniques, long-term marketing effects and sales decompositions through to actionable client outputs. 

For details and feedback on recent courses, click here.