Marketing analytics training


Marketing analytics is a growing industry, with many agencies, consultancies and industry professionals using statistical and econometric methods to sift through a wealth of on and offline data to aid profitable decision-making.

Working closely with leading econometric software company Timberlake Consultants, we deliver rigorous training courses in marketing analytics.

Our courses are aimed at agencies, consultancies and industry professionals wishing to gain a thorough understanding of the tools and techniques of the trade.

Commercial focus

In the modern digital economy, offline and online marketing activity are inherently linked in the consumer journey to product purchase, with paid, owned and earned media combining to drive sales in both the short and the long-term. Our courses are based on our analytical services and specifically designed to address business questions such as:

– what is the ROI on my off and online marketing investments?

– how do I allocate my off and online marketing budget more efficiently?

– what is the combined impact of paid, owned and earned media on my sales and brand? 

– how should I design my off and online media strategy?

– what is the value of social media for my sales and brand?

– how do I build brand equity?

– how do I predict future consumer demand for my products?

These questions can be addressed with a range of analytical techniques, from discrete-choice customer level analysis and aggregated dynamic marketing mix modelling, through to network analysis and economic forecasting.

Client feedback

Our September 2014 course focused on a modern treatment of dynamic marketing mix modelling, looking at integrated offline and online marketing evaluation, with a balanced mix of theory and applied examples. A selection of client comments is given below: 

“The course was a great mix of deep insight on the workings behind the models, practical considerations and hands-on demonstrations”.

“Provided a very interesting approach to tackling and balancing the short and long-term-effects of marketing”.

“Would certainly recommend this course to anyone who wants an overview of the tools that can be leveraged to quantify the effects of marketing from one of the thought leaders in the industry”.

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