Market Science Consulting ServicesOur services specialise in quantifying the drivers of consumer demand and the financial return on marketing strategy at all levels of the client business.

We provide a comprehensive set of data-driven solutions serving a wide range of industries, from Consumer Packaged Goods and Retailers, through to Financial Services, Telecommunications and Pharmaceuticals.

Only through fully quantifying the drivers of consumer demand across products, brands and categories can firms build appropriate strategies to maximise business performance.

Our offering

Strong consumer demand lies at the heart of successful business performance. Many factors influence consumer demand in the marketplace, ranging from price, off and online marketing through to social media, PR and external macroeconomic factors.

At Marketscience Consulting, we specialise in constructing business models based on consumer behavioural theory and advanced econometric analysis to help clients understand, harness and optimise the business impact of all relevant demand drivers. 

Our offering covers the full spectrum of consumer demand analytics, from aggregated market level models through to household and customer level analysis. We work with you to determine the most suitable level of analysis for your business, depending on the breadth and depth of available data and the types of business questions asked.

For an overview of our Dynamic Marketing Mix Modelling service, see here.


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