Forecasting and supply chain management

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Forecasting and supply chain management

Accurate consumer demand forecasting is critical for Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) and supply chain management – as indicated in a recent IGD UK initiative.

Marketscience Consulting provides a wide range of forecasting methods designed to aid the supply chain management process, based on advanced time series and economic modelling techniques. 

Econometrics in marketing mix modelling

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Econometrics in marketing mix modelling

Marketing mix modelling is a widely-used tool to evaluate Return on Investment (ROI) and inform optimal allocation of the marketing budget. Economics and econometrics are a fundamental part of the process.

All marketing mix models are based on microeconomic models of product demand linking business outcomes to marketing investments. It is important to acknowledge the various demand structures available so the best model(s) can be chosen for any particular situation: structures that are appropriate for single product or brand studies for example are often not suitable for holistic category management analysis. Read more »

Long-term marketing effects

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Long-term marketing effects

Quantification of long-term marketing effects is often considered the holy-grail of marketing analysis – as a recent article highlights: Long-term marketing: a new paradigm shift.

Marketing effectiveness and ROI are typically evaluated using marketing mix modelling. Conventional approaches in the industry focus solely on incremental volumes, providing insight into short-term ROI only. As such, they often lead to marketing budget allocations biased towards promotional activity: short-run sales respond well to promotions, yet are less responsive to media activity – particularly for established brands. This, however, ignores the longer-term perspective: that is, the potential brand-building effects of successful media campaigns on the one hand and the brand-eroding impacts of heavy price discounts on the other. Acknowledging and quantifying these features is crucial to a complete ROI evaluation and a more strategic budget allocation. Read more »

New Website Launched

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Welcome to Marketscience Consulting Ltd.

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