economics, econometrics and marketing analyticsWith over 20 years of academic and commercial experience in economics, econometrics and marketing analytics, Marketscience Consulting is an ideal advisory partner.

Owing to a unique focus on leading-edge time series econometrics and the economics of consumer behaviour, our solutions get to the heart of the drivers of consumer demand at all levels of the business.

Marketscience Consulting has a wealth of experience designing models and econometric approaches covering a wide range of industries across Europe, North and south America and APAC regions.

Industry sectors

All modelling approaches need to adapt to the sectors in which clients operate. This is due to many factors, ranging from relevant business challenges and available data through to different industry structures. Our experience spans many years designing econometric business solutions covering a variety of industry sectors, some of which are illustrated below.  


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                                   PHARMA   CHARITY

Global experience

The global nature of many client businesses requires modelling solutions that span many varied markets. We have extensive modelling, project management and client engagement experience covering the markets highlighted below.  


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